Nutritional Zen Services

If you have tried diets and fads without much success, and are looking to or need help with moving away from GMOs, processed foods, and pre-packaged living to awaken your senses and move towards a more holistic and healthy lifestyle, I can help. Through my decades of study, degrees and certifications from world-leading universities, and board certification as a holistic health practitioner, I can help you understand how your body is (or is not) functioning in relation to your diet and daily demands. Within days, you will see and feel noticeable results. 

We will form a team. I am your health coach. Join the Zen movement. Contribute to a greater good.
25% of all our profits go to charities.

Nutrition Couseling
37.50 75.00

Tell me about yourself so I can learn your shopping, cooking, eating, working, and exercising habits.

Usually an hour long session, with an easy-to-follow diagnostic guide to healthier, do-it-yourself changes.  No diets, only lifestyles and awareness.

$75 session; w/free guided meditation

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Guided Meditations
20.00 40.00

Being mindful of your breath, the inner workings of your body, unwanted stress, and need for relaxation and release.

Given to individuals or groups of (up to) three, meditations last 10 - 15 minutes.

$40 per person per session

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Personal Training
25.00 50.00

We work together to find a customized holistic health and wellness plan that encompasses Zen Living´s mission.

Usually a half hour session where we examine and journal how you feel, your relationship to food, frequency of exercise, and overall mindfulness breakthroughs.

$50 session; w/free guided meditation

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Wellness Check-Ups
25.00 50.00

Monthly or weekly visits to monitor improvements and encouragement.

Individual session to discuss your progress or challenges w/food choices, exercise, and mindfulness.

$50 session; w/free guided meditation

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Kitchen Cabinet Cleanse
62.50 125.00

Take the big step! Clear your house of foods that are making you and your family sick. Out with bad, forever.

Usually a two hour long session, with specific explanations about what is being removed (for donation), and how to make better choices at the grocery store.

$125 session; w/free guided meditation

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Personal Shopping
50.00 100.00

Delivering delicious, fresh food and meal plans upon request to eligible locations.

The perfect solution for those who work late and would like to maximize their personal time at home.

$100 per delivery

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Zen Living changed my life. I not only lost over 30 pounds in just months, I became more mindful and aware of everyday choices and events. I’m fitter, happier, and healthier thanks to the simple and easy-to-follow Zen Living lifestyle.
— Jacob, faculty member at Boston University