Nutritional Zen Services

Having lived and worked on three continents while raising two exuberant children, it has been my passion to lead a healthy lifestyle for me and my family, which includes 15 years of practicing yoga and pilates and educating myself about the foods and products we consume. 

Through these transitions and cultural experiences, I witnessed various relationships people have with food, particularly the overall enjoyment of purchasing, preparation, and consuming real foods. During my time abroad, eating was not something you did on the run, it was an event that brought people together with real talking and socializing, and at times included five courses over several hours.

If you have tried diets and cleanses without much success, and are looking to or need help with moving away from GMOs, processed food, and pre-packaged living to awaken your senses and move towards a more holistic and healthy lifestyle, I can help.  

 Through my decades of study and advanced certifications from Ivy League and world-leading universities, I can help you understand how your body is (or is not) functioning in relation to your diet.  Within days, you will see noticeable results. 

I will follow up.  We will form a team.  I am your health coach.  And I never quit.

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Tell me about yourself so I can learn your shopping, cooking, eating, working, and exercising habits.

Usually an hour long session, with an easy-to-follow diagnostic guide to healthier, do-it-yourself changes.  No diets, only lifestyles and awareness.

$75 session; w/free guided meditation


Monthly or weekly visits to monitor improvements and encouragement.

Usually a half hour session where we discuss your progress: food choices, exercise routine, and overall mindfulness.

$50 session; w/free guided meditation

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We work together to find a customized holistic health and wellness plan that encompasses Zen Eating´s mission.

Usually a half hour session where we examine journal of how you feel, your relationship to food, frequency of exercise, and overall mindfulness breakthroughs.

$50 session; w/free guided meditation


Delivering delicious, fresh food and meal plans upon request to eligible locations.

The perfect solution for those who work late and would like to maximize their personal time at home.

$100 per delivery

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Kitchen cabinet cleanse

Take the big step! Clear your house of foods that are making you and your family sick. Out with bad, forever.

Usually a two hour long session, with specific explanations about what is being removed (for donation), and how to make better choices at the grocery store.

$125 session; w/free guided meditation


Being mindful of your breath, the inner workings of your body, unwanted stress, and need for relaxation and release.

Given to groups of at least three, meditations last 10 minutes.

$40 per person per session