Zen Living was founded on a passion for healthy, sensible yet simplified eating. Unlike many other businesses, Zen Living is about making a lifestyle change to live and specifically eat healthier. We do not encourage any form of dieting, no counting calories, eliminating sweets or alcohol, or excessive exercising.

Here at Zen Living we provide consultation and education on choosing, purchasing, and preparing foods in a peaceful environment. While we are continuously meeting the demands of life and work, it is important that our focus remains on self-care: healthy eating, regular exercise, and meditation. In order to perform tasks successfully, we must exhibit a certain amount of health and vitality.

Honor the physical temple that houses you by eating healthfully, exercising, listening to your body’s needs, and treating it with dignity and love.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer


Zen Living awakens your palate by providing you with a new or renewed mindfulness about the foods we consume, where they originated, and the enjoyment of eating them. 



The Zen Living lifestyle will train you to be cognizant of everyday moments, and how to maximize your well-being and happiness, even in stressful times.



Through Zen Living, you learn to navigate a path that will allow you to more fully understand which foods are healthier even if they are labeled as ¨natural¨ but still contain ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic. We also assist you in translating additives and what labels mean on each product, determining which ingredients are healthier than others.


And while eating is a significant component of living a healthier lifestyle, regular exercise and meditation provides a holistic approach. Zen Living sets a course of easy-to-follow guidelines and follow-ups to make sure you are on target and moving upward.


Ultimately, the food we consume provides us energy to live our lives. Zen Living provides the key to understanding the balance between caloric energy as it is derived from sugars or fats, and which is best for you.