New Year, New You! Out with the Old and in with the Zen.

Want to be a healthier you in 2017?! Like some, 2016 may have been a difficult year. Did you overindulge during the holidays; too many sweets, snacks, and drinks?

The good news is 2016 is over and 2017 is a clean slate! If the thought of eating healthier and exercising feels overwhelming, start slowly. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh and real food. Start a workout regimen that is within reach and something that you enjoy. The key to success is determination and overall enjoyment.

Here are some Zen Eating for holistic health and wellness tips:

  • purchase fresh real foods you enjoy
  • be creative, experiment with cooking foods in a number of ways
  • limit the amount of times you eat out
  • find an exercise activity you enjoy or be open to trying something new
  • create a schedule where you can exercise three times a week, even if only for 30 minutes at a time
  • be open to change, this is how we grow as individuals

While this is just a short list of suggestions, please visit Zen Eating for more detailed information.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!