Dining at India Quality in Kenmore Square

When my family is in the mood for rich North Indian cuisine at a reasonable price, we head to India Quality. The restaurant never disappoints! The restaurant is small, cozy, and family friendly. My personal favorite dishes are chicken tikka masala and vegetable biryani with sides of samosas and nan. Every now and then we change it up and order something different. For example, the last time we ordered our regular dishes with an entree of shrimp curry. While I´m a sucker for chicken tikka masala, my son was quite fond of the shrimp curry (all dishes pictured above).

And if you are there with your children, you can expect complimentary mango ice cream for the kids :-)

India Quality has justifiably received many awards over the years, and I would  be remiss not to give them a four star Om rating. So, if you´re in search of rich North Indian cuisine, India Quality is your place!!