Zen Eating and Exercise

I started the morning eating my usual organic flax quinoa bread and creamy peanut butter. While the meal is quite simple, it provides me with a burst of protein and energy to start my day. Breakfast is not breakfast without a latte (another obsession of mine). My morning latte that I make also provides me with an additional boost. Remember Zen Eating is not a diet--caffeine can be consumed ;-) Everything in moderation folks! 

After breakfast and dropping off the kids at school, I planned to drive to yoga. To my surprise, the cold wet weather was turning into a beautiful fall day. With that said, I fully took advantage and biked to yoga. If you have ever visited or lived in the Netherlands, you bike rain or shine, and if the weather is remotely decent (the Dutch have a high tolerance for weather), you are outside enjoying the day. Yoga was everything I wanted and expected, including getting my butt kicked by my favorite Eastern European Yogi. On top of that, I was back on my bike. To bring it full circle, breakfast and exercise were the perfect recipe to start my morning :-)