Asian Indulgence

It was a wonderful Friday when my kids had off of school and I had a dinner plans with other moms. The day started by having our annual family picture taken for Christmas gifts and cards. The appointment ended around lunch time. Perfect! My daughter had been begging me to take her out for sushi. I took advantage of the day being young and treated my daughter and son to sushi at Maluken and Sushi Express (no, it´s not fast food) in Brookline, MA. The kids and I enjoyed sushi, gyoza, miso soup, and Gyu-Don. Unfortunately or not, we were so consumed with the enjoyment of eating that we forgot to take a single picture! Needless to say, if you´re in the mood for good sushi at a reasonable price, Maluken and Sushi Express is the perfect place and is deserving of a four Om rating.

That evening I met up with other moms at Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston´s China Town. We waited for an hour in the cold to secure a table at the small restaurant. Every time the door opened, we were seduced with the smell of spices and dishes ranging from seafood, poultry, pork, and vegetables. The aromas were intoxicating. While the dumplings are probably the most popular item on the menu and rightfully so, the entrees looked fantastic. I can only speak for the deliciousness of my entree, which was the spicy salt and pepper shrimp. Nonetheless, all of the other guests were pleased with their meals. So, if you are ever in Boston´s China Town and looking for a memorable Chinese meal, Gourmet Dumpling House is an easy and highly recommended choice, receiving a four star Om rating. 

With that said, if you´re in the Boston area and hankering Asian food, I would point you to Maluken and Sushi Express and Gourmet Dumpling House. Until next time...