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Having lived and worked on three continents while raising two exuberant children, it has been my passion to lead a healthy lifestyle for me and my family, which includes 15 years of practicing yoga and pilates and educating myself about the foods and products we consume. Through these transitions and cultural experiences, I witnessed various relationships people have with food, particularly the overall enjoyment of purchasing, preparation, and consuming real foods. During my time abroad, eating was not something you did on the run, it was an event that brought people together (real talking) and at times included five courses over several hours.

I have spent the last 20 years analyzing what's true and what's not with regard to dietary fads and what foods help create optimal wellness. I have gained great insight into our agricultural systems and our processed foods systems and I help my clients understand what food products are too toxic to consider acceptable parts of their diets, and how to transition to more wholesome, nourishing, life-affirming foods. If you need support in transitioning away from a processed, packaged food diet towards more nutrient dense, whole food strategies, I can help.


Or perhaps you have already tried your hand at an organic, whole foods, or Paleo style diet but just can't overcome certain health issues. In this case, I can help you understand how your body is functioning or malfunctioning and devise protocols that will prioritize strategies for upgrading your existence. 


Our bodies hold layers of life experience and while a general organic, nutrient dense, whole food diet is appropriate for everyone, the real truth is that each of us will benefit from customized strategies as we learn to move through our layers of dysfunction and into optimal wellness. For example, a fresh salad twice a day might be excellent for some, while those with serious digestive distress might benefit more from mostly cooked veggies instead of raw. As we work though your priorities, your eating strategies will continue to change. 


It is my absolute belief that there is no hope for health without the foundation of a proper diet. There is no pill or prayer that will save you if you are not providing your body with the appropriate chemical building blocks for a healthy digestive system, cardiovascular system, hormones, connective tissue, bones, nervous system, brain function, detoxification pathways and so on. There is no hope for health if we are malnourished or if we feed ourselves foods that create stress in the body. Let me assist you in understanding what your body needs and help guide you down the path of transformation

Nutrional zen session:

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